Our Stories

The idea of ​​You Are My Universe was inspired by the love story of Huu Anh, whose element is Earth and Bao Vy, whose element is Fire. Therefore, their big day is the day that the two planets – Saturn & Mars merged into one new planet which is an opening of a new era of happiness.

Right on the aisle, Mother Tree appears magnificently with the crystal clear foliage and cosmic clouds surrounded. Mother Tree, a symbol for beginning, which is the root of all things in the universe, the hub of love, the birthplace of love of the King of Saturn and the Queen of Mars. Therefore, the couple decided to choose.

Je t’aime Art“The Art of Love”, with Je t’aime means “I Love You” in French.

We take Love as the backbone of our creativity, with the core beliefs that things which are made with sincerity and passion will touch people’s souls.