Established in 2013, Je t’aime Art has officially recorded their name in the list of wedding planner & decorator in Vietnam. With a specific orientation in art style to create our own breakthrough, we take inspiration from the beauty of France, where Art freely flourishes and has no limits, to shape the aesthetic taste which our brand pursues.

Je t’aime Art“The Art of Love”, with Je t’aime means “I Love You” in French. We take Love as the backbone of our creativity, with the core beliefs that things which are made with sincerity and passion will touch people’s souls.

By cherishing those love moments, beautiful memories and common interests in your relationship, we want to bring you a wedding of your dreams. Each work is every dream of love which we desire to turn into reality and bring it to you with the message: “Sketch your own story!”

“Whatever the image of your wedding is, we will make it come true!”


With the desire to bring your love stories to reality, we not only listen to you with understanding and empathy, but also use our long time experience and unstoppable creativity to make your dream weddings come true by a variety of colorful ideas.

It is our honor to see you fully enjoy every moment of happiness in the wedding which we create with dedication. Besides being “a person who brings your dream wedding come true”, we are also a multitasking companion through many roles, such as a soul mate, a capable partner, a diligent assistant. Therefore, each wedding project is set for strict quality standards and also meticulously in each stage of project implementation, to give you the opportunity to be completely immersed in the feeling of happiness on the big day.

Using “Sketch Your Story” as our moral compass, we want to encourage loving souls to confidently create a wedding concept of your own, and we will reflect it truthfully in our creative products.

Thank you for choosing Je t’aime Art as a companion to your big day and a trusty place to share your stories and happiness!

Je t’aime Art Team