Ideal “1 year” wedding checklist that every couple needs

Ideal “1 year” wedding checklist that every couple needs

An ideal planning length for a wedding checklist, depending on the scale of your ceremony, is about 6 months to 1 year, to complete all the tasks from idea forming, concept implementation, negotiation with vendors and creating a back-up plan,….



So this ultimate wedding checklist is what you need to have a stress-free path to “I-do”!

In the first time standing on the new threshold of life, there are sometimes jitters and a bit of pressure that would make the flow of your emotion suddenly drift. That’s when you need a capable partner, also a professional counselor to help you to reconnect with your emotions. To make your journey to wedding becomes more fun and less stressful, by our long time experience as a companion of couples, Je t’aime Art has drawn up an ultimate wedding checklist timeline. Let’s go “count-down”!


    • 12 months out: Determine your budget, select the venue and complete your guest list.
    • 11 months out: Choose your favorite theme and overall design, make an appointment with the photographer & videographer,…
      Hint: If you’re not confident in undertaking this step, a wedding-planner service of Je t’aime Art will help you stress-free while everything in the wedding checklist is still committed to completion!



    • 9 months out: Book your honeymoon trip and hotel-room.
    • 5 months out: It’s time to buy (or rent) her favorite wedding dress!
    • 4 months out: Bridal hair and makeup trial.
    • 2 weeks out: Now, time to send “Save The Dates”! ^^
      Note: If the couple has overseas family and friends, make sure to send the invitations at least 1 month in advance so that they have enough time to book the cheapest flights possible!


Nếu cô dâu chú rể bận rộn, hãy tìm đến một wedding planner lo chu toàn


    • 1 week out: Now, most of the hard work is over. It’s time to overview everything in your wedding checklist. Check thoroughly the back-up plan to see if it’s effective.
      Hint: In case you already have a professional wedding-planner as your companion, all you do now is just to relax and pamper yourself and wait for the big day ❤


In spite of the ideal length in our wedding checklist above, yours still may be different because we know “there is no love story like ours”. Do not hesitate to contact us for any help in case you are overwhelmed with so many tasks to take care of and details to arrange. Because we always have a proper plan for you to fully enjoy every moment of happiness on your big day!

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