Remarkable summer wedding ideas

Remarkable summer wedding ideas

Summer is a season of flourishing, which is the best season to hold outdoor weddings or if you’re planning a destination wedding. In Greek mythology, summer is considered as a symbol of youth. That is when people reap the fruits of their labors and grow love to spread out in the world.


Bàn tiệc cưới trang trí theo phong cách tropical nhiệt đới


Let’s take a look at these ideas to plan your remarkable summer wedding!


Ideal venues for summer wedding

It’s summertime, and It’s time for summer weddings! If you would like to get some fresh air, or to immerse yourself in an ambience of natural sounds, either a beachfront or riverside venue is always a “best-choice” ever for that big day in your life!



Don’t forget that Je t’aime Art has a list of outdoor wedding venues in Saigon here for your reference anytime!


Unique summer wedding concepts

Summer is a perfect time for couples to unlock your creativity by tons of unique ideas. By using vibrant colors for your decoration, your ceremony will be heated up by that summer vibes and your guest will be geared up for those lively team dance performances later that night!



If you are still wondering where to start, go check out our “Tropical Wedding” tại here – a tropical concept for Je t’aime Art’s summer couple ^^



Mouth-watering menu for summer wedding

Summer is peak harvesting season for fruits and vegetables, so there are a variety of ingredients to make delicious and eye-catching dishes. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, why don’t we get the most out of summer right in your wedding? How about a buffet party with a tropical layout which is created by putting together your own colors, and a long list of summer food? 100% would be a remarkable summer wedding ever!


What to wear to be the hottest summer wedding couple?



A bonus of summer wedding you will definitely give a “thumbs-up” is that you can totally feel more at ease to try any of your favorite wedding dress designs in this weather. Let’s hold on those plain and so “lacking in variety” wedding dresses for a minute. Time to think outside the box and try a unique wedding dress design. The one not only highlights your feminine curves but also helps you to show your own colors. And with a sexy make-up style, you are indeed the most outstanding bride in this summer! <3

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