30 Years – Golden Memory

30 Years – Golden Memory

The wonderful thing when planning a decades-long wedding anniversary is that we have the opportunity to immerse our souls in nostalgia, and to find the good old things from the past through stories told by the prior generation’s customers.



It must not be easy for you to just live in the present and imagine how nervous it would be when waiting for a letter from your beloved from thousands of kilometers away, or the feeling when you were missing your beloved so bad but could only express it in words. But thanks to “30 Years – Golden Memory”, and those stories from our customers’ memory, we could feel them in a vivid way and took inspiration to create a cozy party filled with love and friendship.



“30 Years – Golden Memory” began with the desire to hold a small party for our customers. They had expected it as a reunion with their old friends to bring back all memories of 30 years ago. In her reminiscence of her old feelings, she said:



“The wedding ceremony 30 years ago is forever a beautiful memory that we will never forget. It was simply decorated but a greatest gift from those friends who we were lucky to have in our lives. Their presence at that time not only contributed to creating a beautiful memory for us, but also reminded us to be grateful for our happiness and to always keep it for our family and our children.”



After listening to her story, we proposed an idea of making their party as a reunion and wedding anniversary by recreating their wedding 30 years ago. “30 Years – Golden Memory” was a long journey to collect documents, photos, the old letters which she still have been carefully keeping, the diaries which he hastened to relieve his nostalgia when she went to Russia for study, and the classic motorbike which they were sharing in the college time. All to create an emotional party which was able to bring back old memories of their friends.



One of outstanding features in our “30 Years – Golden Memory” concept is the stationary which was a hard making product of Je t’aime Art Team. This was a challenge as well as an opportunity for us to prove our creativity to the customers who had high aesthetic taste and knowledge in art.



This stationery contained a process of extremely sophisticated production and implementation of ideas. We made the invitations imitating old handwritten letters, used old paper texture for printing, and wrote in differentiated styles for each type of guest. And especially, the Russian stamp on the envelope that reminded of the long distance relationship between Saigon – Moscow of our customers.



All were conveyed with admiration for the simple but beautiful love of our customers, and the beautiful friendship between them and their dear friends, who contributed to creating a beautiful memory for them 30 years ago.



We still remember when we came to our customers’ house to collect documents. She showed us her old letters received from her husband when they were separated by thousands of kilometers for 2 years. Even though they have been together for more than 3 decades, for her, those letters were still a treasure which she has carefully kept until now. Seeing her gently smooth out the letter with her hands when giving us makes us believe that: In their eyes, to meet each other and to belong to each other is the happiest thing ever.

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