Dreaming Of Love

Dreaming Of Love

If someone asked what about Dreaming Of Love still lingers on our mind? Perhaps we would bring back the memories of the first impression about it: The poetic, dreamy features that someone has skillfully intertwined in every décor element.



But that is not enough. The luxurious and royal aura emanated from the venue was what made everyone stay for a while.



Sometimes we still call Dreaming Of Love “a gift of patience”. To see the beautiful appearance of this devoted creation, the bride & groom and us had to suffer through many ups and downs because of having to reschedule the wedding plan due to the pandemic. That’s why the day Dreaming Of Love officially took place, everyone was crying of happiness: “Thanks God that our dream has come true!”



It was a wedding venue with the decoration which you had never seen anywhere before. Because it was “sketched” from the dream wedding of the wife: A royal palace. Not only attracted the guests for recreating a truly exquisite historical beauty through classic decorative details, our Dreaming Of Love also gave the feeling of being dressed in splendid aristocratic costumes, walking around the spectacular flower garden at the ancient royal palace… by the splendors and luxury furnishings which captivated our souls.


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