It seemed that a girl who came from a beauty pageant as Miss Universe would choose a wedding concept of pastel colors and flower decoration. But to Hoa Lien, everything is contrary. She chose a concept made out of a variety of hard materials and decorated by vibrant colors for her wedding, which became an inspiration for us to create Kaleidoscope – A colorful wedding venue.



In our imagination of love, a Kaleidoscope is not only a prism of mirrors and symmetric pieces of colored glass, but also a metaphor for a love growing from two opposite souls yet perfectly complementing each other. That is also how we feel about Lien & Duy’s relationship. It seems that two different personalities would never be in harmony, but their resonance in souls has led them to become soulmates of each other in their love journey. Together, they wrote a love story containing pieces of sweet memory, just like how patterns of light and color generated from pieces of colored glass creates a beautiful kaleidoscope prism.



In that prism, there is Duy – a calm and thoughtful guy but with his love for Lien, he does everything unconditionally to make her happy. And Lien – a sincere and cheerful girl, she became the missing piece of Duy. Step by step, they complete each other.



That day, the venue was filled with colorful lights as if it was turning into a real Kaleidoscope whose surfaces reflect the newlyweds’ romantic moments. They kept rotating, and everytime they did, we saw that Lien & Duy were full of the joy of spring, by their family and friends, who had witnessed their love till that day.



There was a moment, Lien expressed her feelings for us: “Je t’aime Art is a good company in my wedding preparation. You were so thoughtful and caring to both of us. That’s why I fell in love with Je t’aime Art for the first time”. And for us, your happy moments in the wedding are our fruits for those efforts to create such quality creative and aesthetic works. It is an encouragement and motivation for us to believe in a sincere love that always exists, and there always is a missing piece of us out there waiting to be united.


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